Jul 02, 2013 Houston, USA The Company announced that the President, Yi Lung Lin had on June 26, 2013 led a five man delegation to Sri Lanka to make preparation for the business activities of the Company in Sri Lanka. The President said that the wholly owned subsidiary, GEEC Internet Sales (Pvt) Limited will have its name changed to Genufood Enzymes Lanka (Pvt) Limited with immediate effect. The Company has also replaced its auditors and Ernst & Young has been appointed to be the auditors of the Company for the ensuring year. The President further said that the Sri Lanka Ministry of Health has classified ProCellax E, ProCellax SP, ProCellax E2AF, ProCellax DG and ProCellax SNU as supplementary drugs according to the pharmaceutical references and therefore, product registration would commence once the Company’s name is changed. For further updates, follow us at

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