Jun 07, 2013 Houston, USA  The Company announced that the Board has approved the appointment of Jiang Pei Wei as the Principal Accounting Officer with effect from June 7, 2013 thus she is entitled to hold the capacity as the Finance and Accounting Manager for the GEEC Group. The attorney has been instructed to do the necessary filing to give effect to this appointment. This appointment is also in line with the service agreement we had with Access Management Consulting and Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore.

Pei Wei is a Singapore Permanent Resident and is a graduate from the Shanghai University of Finances and Economics. She is also a student member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK (ACCA) and has just sat for her final paper this summer thus completing her study.

Peiwei will assist the President in the performance of the accounting functions of the GEEC Group. For further information, visit:

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