Oct 04, 2013 Houston, Texas The Company announced that the President, Yi Lung Lin, the Principal Accounting Officer, Pei Wei Jiang and Attorney, Faiyaz Dean had on October 3, 2013 attended a meeting with Southridge LLC and entered into an Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) Term Sheet with them whereby Southridge is committed to purchase up to US$20 million worth of common shares of GEEC within a period of two years. The President said that with Southridge providing the funding the Company’s two years business plan will trigger the Company’s enzyme project and other health products more secured to fruition. The business plan calls for the establishment of the ProCellax sachet packaging and capsule bottling plant in Singapore and the ProAnilax repacking plant in Sri Lanka. These business activities will enable the Company to enjoy a lower cost of sales, stronger market share and higher profitability in the years ahead. A new S -1 will be filed with the SEC soon, said the President. For further information, visit us at: http://geecenzymes.com/

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