Houston, USA – March 19,2014

The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary in Singapore, Genufood Enzymes (S) Pte Ltd’s Marketing Executive. Wong Koon Yew said that the recent participation at the three day Food, Hotel & Tourism Bali 2014 Trade Fair has brought attention to many visitors about Procellax range of enzyme products which is “HALAL” certified, Non- GMO and suitable for vegetarians and Vegans. It is manufactures in Chino, United States of America. Procellax range of enzyme products has its enzyme come under three categories, Digestion, Immunity and Systemic Health enzyme.

The Company is the owner of the trade brand, Procellax. We aim to export the Procellaz range of enzyme products to the Asian market such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Nacau, South Korea, China and Sri Lanka. Our objective is to source for Sole Distributor or Distributor for the Indonesia market. The trade mission is lead by the Company’s Sole Marketing Agent, Access Management Consulting and Marketing Pte Ltd ( AMCM) he said.

He further said that AMCM is doing the Distributor selection work and is in the final processing stage, considering that the potential distributor has commenced making arrangement with Indonesian Authority to comply import requirements.We are keen to export these products to the Indonesia market as soon as possible since we have already started distribution in Singapore, he said.

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