Ayala’s Herbal Water (Still) – Lemongrass Mint Vanilla 473ml

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Lemongrass Mint Vanilla

Ayala’s Lemongrass Mint Vanilla Herbal Water is a bright medley of crisp flavor notes with a smooth finish. Awaken your senses with organic lemongrass extract, refreshing spearmint, and the suppleness of real vanilla.

Especially versatile, the citrusy-floral taste of lemongrass gets an added jolt of cool with spearmint, while the vanilla rounds out the mix with a deep and persistent sweetness that lingers pleasantly on the palate.

Try this citrusy-minty-vanilla drink after a workout or yoga class to reenergize your body and mind while maintaining that blissful post-exercise feeling. Indulge in the sweet aromatic scent and rehydrate with delicious herbs infused in pure water.



Ayala’s Herbal Water offers an array of tastes to be used from cocktail mixers to spritzers to toddies. Here are a few recipes to try.

Gin and Ginger

2 oz gin
5 oz Sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel
Garnish with fresh organic Lemon peel, serve in a highball glass.

Cinnamon Orange Vodka Club

2 oz vodka
5 oz Sparkling Cinnamon Orange Peel
Garnish with fresh organic Orange Peel, serve in a highball glass.

Lemongrass Mint and Gin

2 oz gin
5 oz Sparkling Lemongrass Mint Vanilla
Garnish with fresh organic Mint leaves, serve in a highball glass.

Wine Spritzers Red

3 oz Red wine
1 oz Sparkling Cinnamon Orange Peel


3 oz White wine
1 oz Sparkling Lemongrass Mint Vanilla or Sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel

Mojito and a Tom Collins Lemongrass Mint Mojito

1 ¼ oz Rum
2 oz Sparkling Lemongrass Mint Vanilla
½ oz Lime Juice
1 tsp sugar
1 Mint leaf

Shake together and pour over ice, serve in a collins glass, and garnish with a fresh organic mint leaf.

Ginger Lemon Vodka Collins

2 oz vodka
1 tsp sugar (powdered)
½ lemon
Shake together and strain out lemon. Pour into a collins glass over ice and fill to the top with chilled Sparkling Ginger Lemon Peel. Garnish with an organic lemon slice and a cherry.

Ginger Lemon Saki

Ginger Lemon Peel with saki and some Lychee juice


Ingredients How It Works
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)
Native to Southeast Asia, lemongrass (Cymbopogon) thrives in a warm, sunny, and humid climate. Lemongrass has an excessively pleasing, citrusy, and flowery aroma.
Mint (Mentha viridis)
The Mentha family is made up of many species, including some of the most well-known and beloved culinary herbs such as basil, thyme, and oregano. In Ayala’s Herbal Water, we chose spearmint (Mentha spicata) for its refreshing quality and distinctive aroma. Spearmint, named for its pointed leaf tips, grows in most temperate climates and is native to most of Europe and southwest Asia.
Vanilla Bean (Vanilla aromatica)
Vanilla is the second most expensive flavor in the world and has been prized for centuries for its wonderful taste. The fruit of a climbing orchid native to South America, the vanilla bean is cultivated in few regions of the world. Its name comes from the Spanish vainilla, which means ‘little pod.’

Ayala’s Herbal Water beverages are made with the real bean, not the commonly used synthetic imitation. A great amount of labor and attention is required for the hand pollination, individual curing and processing of the vanilla pods, but the reward is well worth it. Vanilla’s taste is rich, deep and persistent, and contains more than 200 different volatile molecules.

Ayala’s Herbal Water is the first certified organic flavored water that’s made from all organic ingredients and available nationwide.

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