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TaniNZ PREMIUM™ – Pure Natural Artesian Water

TaniNZ PREMIUM™ Pure Natural Artesian water is derived from a large bio-secured aquifer with unlimited supply and a sustainable source of clean and safe drinking water from New Zealand, a nuclear-free country. Bottled at source at its purest and low in minerals which give it a soft and smooth taste, TaniNZ PREMIUM™ has a pH level of 7.8 that helps balance the overall body metabolism and other digestive functions.

What it does:

The bottling plant is based in North Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand which is surrounded by a vast ocean. The rain falling in the Southern Alps, is carried by the winds coming from the South Pole, Antarctica, and is free of pollutants. The raindrops weave their way into underground rivers for their marathon 80-year journey to the confined artesian aquifer, undergoing natural filtration and gaining essential minerals on the way. The plant is located on a 120,000 square meters land on a remote country-side of less than one person per square km. While many artesian wells in the world are being heavily pumped and running dry, it is ensured that its water is not drawn more than it is being recharged at the source.


On Artesian Water

Artesian water comes from an artesian well — a source that is deep in the earth. The water is compressed between layers or rocks. This means that bacteria, acid rain and other toxins can’t penetrate the rock and contaminate the water so the water only has minerals in it. When the will is drilled, a pipe is installed so that when the water is pumped out, it doesn’t touch anything that could contaminate it. There are minerals and electrolytes in artesian water which are very good for the body which include:
  • Bicarbonate
  • Calcium
  • Fluoride
  • Silica
Artesian water contains no calories, no preservatives, non-carbonated, and is oxygenated. The health benefits include increased energy, boosting of stamina and immune system activation.