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Terms and Conditions

1.   GEEC Enzyme Club is owned by Genufood Energy Enzymes Corp (“the Company”).

2.   GEEC Enzyme Club Membership is lifetime free enable Members to enjoy various privileges as from time to time announced by the Company.

3.   GEEC Enzyme Club Membership is not transferable. One applicant can have one Membership only.

4.   Application for GEEC Enzyme Club Membership can be made by registration through our website: or or by the completion of application form available on request.

5.   GEEC Enzyme Club reserves the right to modify or make changes to the terms and conditions regulating the Membership without prior notice to be given to Members.

6.  Members can withdraw their Membership anytime by writing email it to the Company. Email address:

7.   GEEC Enzyme Club has the right to terminate or cancel the Membership of a Member at any time without any advance notice and reason for the termination or cancellation to be given.

8.  All privileges provided by the GEEC Enzyme Club for its Members will be announced over the Company’s website, direct mailing, email and/or SMS message.